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Social Security

At the time of a death, Metropolitan will file all of the required forms with the Social Security Administration. Please note several points regarding Social Security eligibility which are listed below:

  • The Social Security Administration makes their monthly payments one month behind. For example, the benefit for the month of May is received in the first week of June.
  • If any person passes away before the end of the month, they are not eligible for that month's social security check. For example, if a person passes away on May 15th, he will not be eligible for the check that would arrive in the beginning of June. The government does not prorate the social security monthly benefit, so he would not be eligible for any portion of the check for May even though he lived for half of the month.
  • People who have passed away are eligible for a $255 death or burial benefit if they have worked and paid into social security out of their weekly paychecks for a minimum of four consecutive years and have a surviving spouse or dependent child living at the same home address.
  • If a person passes away, the surviving spouse is eligible for the largest of the couple's two social security checks, with the lesser check being discontinued. For example, if a husband receives a larger social security than his wife, and he passes away, his wife would be eligible for his monthly social security check and her smaller check would be discontinued.

Additional information can be obtained directly from the Social Security Administration at the following web address: